Posted by: Jeoss | April 23, 2012

i suppose it’s time for an update…

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Klipsun magazine and I had a brief phone interview about my experience working with stop-motion animation with Subversions media. You can view the article here.

In the recent weeks I managed to find some paper I wanted to try out for my Galapagos tortoise design that’s mostly completed but not quite ‘finished’. I nearly completed the equilateral triangle precreasing (where the diagonals are split in 72nds… ugh), but it seems I’ll have to delay this project another three months.

Because my job search was not as successful as I supposed it would be, I’m going off to Bering Sea all over again for another deployment. I got a last-minute offer I felt obligated to take and had only twelve days to get my ducks in a row and come to terms with leaving Bellingham prematurely. I’m in Seattle now, going through a quick briefing and will hopefully start my contract in Alaska soon.

This whole thing is something I’m not too thrilled about, considering how hard it is for me to leave my girlfriend, friends, and family a second time. I’ve got to pay my bills somehow. I guess there is some solace, however, as I barely had enough time to acquire my Open Water Diver and Dry Suit training before departing, and I will very likely be back in Washington in time to be a groomsman in a close friend’s wedding and see my girlfriend walk at her graduation from WWU.

This all being said, I’ll be back soon enough and am determined to showcase a completed design!



  1. Is this 20 year old Jesse Michael barr?

  2. No, this is 25 year old Geoffrey Masato Mayhew. I do know Jesse, however.

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