this is me.

So I take it you would like to know more about the person responsible for the content of this blog.

My name is Geoff Mayhew, but some of my friends call me Jeoss (Jee-ahs). I am a lifelong resident of Washington State and currently live in Renton. I spent the first eighteen years of my life on the east side of the state in Spokane but I feel at home when I am in, on, or around the Puget Sound.

Nearly everyone in my family is artistic in some way. My father and sister are very musical and my mother is a ceramic artist. I also have a fraternal twin. His artistic ability was, is, and will forever superior to my own, but I came to terms with this fact early on in my life.

It would be prudent of me to mention that my mother is Japanese. She introduced me to origami and invested in what was probably a 90% complete library of the time’s finest origami literature. My numerous visits to Japan to see my relatives were hugely influential on my childhood.

I started this blog during my time as an undergraduate of Western Washington University. I had time to design my own things while earning a B.S. in Biology with a marine emphasis (and minor in environmental science and Japanese) largely because I lacked a social life. Luckily, I gathered enough courage to ask a girl I was crushing on for three years out to a date. Being her boyfriend is my life’s greatest achievement.

After working as a biologist on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska, I started working for Washington State. I was fortunate enough to land a position where I can do science in an outdoor office, drive boats, and lead others in meaningful projects.

The last thing you need to know in order to understand me is that I like turtles and tortoises.



  1. Hey, I’m a twin too! and I fold paper…

    I ran across your blog while googling “Origami for Interpreters”. You mentioned in one of your posts that you have a Flickr account… I was wondering, what’s your username? I’d like to see some more of your photos, judging from the stuff you’ve posted here.

    Oh, and I’m guessing that you’d be “jeoss mayhem” on the forum? Or is that a coincidence?


  2. Heh, well I’ve never known another twin folder, since mine doesn’t.
    I have a Flickr and a Photobucket, but everything you see on this blog is what’s on the hosters (except for some of the photodiagrams that I make for forumgoers). Maybe someday I’ll make my Flickr more presentable but it’ll take me quite some time to organize. And, I really don’t have all that much work photographed (in I way I’d like to present to other people, anyway).

    But yea, I’m JeossMayhem. You must be ahudson then. Well thanks for visiting this space, I wish I had more to present but I’ve been spending the daytime in classes or eating and the majority of the nightime studying. I’m returning home from school a week from today so I should be able to get back into the folding groove and get some things up here.

  3. hey dude can you help me pleae….i was trying to find the cp of kamiya satoshis phoenix v3.5 and what kind of paper to use…. and a little bit of help with the folding….if can reply…..thanks…

  4. Check out this thread from the origami forum.

    I’ve folded it once before, just not one I was really happy with. I may have time to help you a bit with the CP but if you’re not very experienced with them, I’m sorry to say I’m not the best person to ask for help. I’m a bit swamped with school/work/my own projects. Good luck!

  5. I love radishes..: )

  6. I hate heights too. How old were you in those pictures?

  7. Ah, I must’ve been late eighteen or nineteen.

  8. you’re hot, and you just completed your sophomore year! this page must need an update

  9. Umm thanks, so are you.
    But yes, you’re right, I thought I fixed that before.

  10. Dear Jeoss,

    our 9-year old daughter has been doing Origami for years, like you!
    Now we live in Spokane, WA, and wonder if you know a group of (experienced) Origami youngsters with who our daughter could meet. She’d like to share her passion because it’s more fun, especially at that age.
    We received your email-address from Eric Demaine!
    Thanks – we’d be happy to hear from you.

  11. Hello, Ines,
    I’m happy to hear of your daughter’s passion, as well as her parents’ support of it! However, I’m sorry to say I’m not aware of any major origami groups, as I was never able to find any myself. Through my schooling in Spokane, I only met a handful of other students who practiced origami… The closest group I can think of is the one Joseph Wu has set up in Vancouver, BC, which would be an awesome time if you can make it there, I’m sure.
    Because it’s so hard to find origami folders as well as to collect them in one place, I’ve found the best resource was through the origami forum at You might be reserved to let your daughter wander a public forum, but if you were not aware of it, it is an international forum that is run in English, and is highly moderated. I’ve found this is the best way to talk with other artists, see what they’ve been making, and the easiest way to inspire oneself to take their skill to the next level.
    I would also be happy to keep in contact with you if you have any other questions, I’ve sent you an e-mail from my alternate address.
    Happy Holidays!

  12. hm…….what style of folding you like?box-pleating?hex-pleating?what is your deesign style?

  13. I’ve found I like working with hex-pleating. And I would argue the precreases look much better than if they were box-pleated. But I’m trying not to limit myself to one method. Whatever works, you know?
    In terms of my ‘style’… I have a very amateur, paper-inefficient style, haha. I’m not experienced enough with designing my own things to have really established a way of folding I could call my own.

  14. Hi Jeoss!

    My name is Jessie and I have been searching for a talented origami artist in the Seattle area. I am blown away by your talent! The production company I work for is shooting a spot this week and we are looking for an origami artist to fold paper into shoes, shirts, pants etc for a time lapse piece. All we will see is your hands working their magic. This is a paid gig. Just wondering if you are interested and/or available. If so, please send me an email at Thanks!

  15. Hey jeoss, my name is jesse. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking up new subjects for origami. Anyways I saw you are from washington which is not too far from where i am from (portland, oregon). We should talk or meet up sometime if you want. Send an email to when you get a chance.
    hope to talk to you soon

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