Posted by: Jeoss | November 16, 2011

stop motion animation shoot!

Geoff Mayhew @ Subversionz Media, behind the scenes for a stop-animation origami photoshoot

Hey everybody! For once I’m not posting just because I feel obligated to. I actually have something to show!

(If you were wondering if I designed anything during my time in Alaska, well, I didn’t :/. Go figure.)

Not long after I returned home to Bellingham I got a comment on this blog from Subversionz Media, a production company based in Seattle. They needed an origami artist to fold a few things for a stop-animation advert (for the internets and possible television!), so I took the offer (after a bit of persuasion from the girlfriend). I designed a few clothing items over a few days and went to the shoot, which was a lot of fun!

The final product is still in the works, but here’s a sneak peek at my designs!

Dress Origami Stop Motion from Subversionz Media on Vimeo.

Origami Jacket Stop Motion from Subversionz Media on Vimeo.

Origami Shoe Stop Motion from Subversionz Media on Vimeo.

And don’t forget to check out THIS LINK to see some more behind-the-scenes shots and some of the other great things Subversionz Media is doing! I’ll post again once the final advert is released!



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