Posted by: Jeoss | November 28, 2010

bingeing. no purging. yet.

Hey guys and gals. Dead week starts in two days and finals a week after that. So of course I decide to start working on my origami again. I’ve actually spent the majority of my thanksgiving break in a chair working on stuff so here’s what’s been happening:

In the interest of finishing my Galapagos giant tortoise design (didn’t I start this almost a year ago?) I decided to experiment a bit with methylcellulose and tissue paper. After multiple failed attempts (I got impatient and tried too hard to push air pockets out while it was too wet rather than drying more with the blow dryer, which resulted in ripping and subsequent cursing) I got the confidence to try to make a sheet of brown paper. I had red and green tissue paper, hoping they’d bleed and make brown. I turned out to be an idiot because they didn’t bleed at all but I ended up with a good sheet of dark red and dark green on opposite sides. Naturally, I made a rose out of it. This was my first time making anything out of MC’d tissue paper and I think it came out better than my tissue foil one. The red and green together made both assume a darker hue and it held its shape 90% as well as the tissue foil, but without wrinkles!

Model: One-Sheet Rose (2005)
Designer: Brian Chan (
Folded from diagram, Tanteidan Convention 12
50cm red/green tissue paper w/ methylcellulose


Folding the rose yesterday set my back in a day in terms of progress on my tortoise so I got crackin’ last night and today, and about 10 something hours later I’ve nearly come up with the finished design (though not it’s presentable form). Here’s a sneak peek of what’s taken me months and months (on and off, that is):


Excuse any typos. I just got back from Boundary Bay after having their winter ale, the Cabin Fever. New all-time fave.


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