Posted by: Jeoss | September 19, 2010

25,000 views? you folks are too kind.

Well, it’s official. I kind of feel bad for receiving so many views (without frequently updating the content of the site). But not really.

I’ve been working on the project (a Galapagos giant tortoise, more specifically, Lonesome George) that I must’ve started half a year ago, and I’m getting close to where I can make a final, presentable product. I’m currently in the process of cleaning up the design and finding the right paper for it.

But now that school is starting up again in three days, this whole project might get put off for indefinite amount of time. Again.

My goal is to at least have it done by the end of fall quarter, because in winter, I plan on taking a papermaking class at the university, just for fun. It’d be awesome if I could make a nice sheet of paper for this project.

Anyway, thanks again for viewing. And to those of you downloading my CPs or diagrams, post a link to a picture of the final product!


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