Posted by: Jeoss | August 16, 2010

hard work, good company, lots of beer.

So my fifth year of working at my best friend’s mother’s art camp has concluded and was a great success. I wanted to switch up the origami unit I teach, from unit origami to something that can provide even a newbie to origami a little room for creativity. I’ve always loved tessellations, so I designed a fairly simple one (most likely not original, kind of a modification of the one you’ll see on Sipho Mabona’s fugu or Kade’s magic ball). I wanted the kids to be able to color their lamp how they want and to shape it how they please, as well.

I had to find a very large sheet of paper so that after the pattern was folded it could wrap around a lightbulb with plenty of clearance and I also wanted the paper to be capable of supporting wet media for water coloring. The kids as a group didn’t have much of a problem folding the pattern but some still had trouble collapsing it, even with one-on-one help. But in the end they figured it out and I used wire to rig up clamps so they sit on a lightbulb. The project turned out a lot better than I expected, and the water color was a fantastic touch. Below is a picture of a few of the lamps that were on display during the exhibit for the kids’ parents.


Other than doing art, I had a fantastic time with my friend’s family and friends. The summer has been great so far, especially due to my six week marine biology course in La Paz, Mexico, and this last week at the art camp definitely has been keeping the high going.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully be getting back to finishing my old project I mentioned a while ago. Hopefully.



  1. those lamps are so cool.

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