Posted by: Jeoss | June 10, 2010

did you forget about me?

Hello. I’m back. My lack of updating comes from a severe lack of folding. I haven’t been inspired. Spring quarter sure has been a roller coaster of good times and low times, but my finals are wrapping up tomorrow! This post is the result of nervous feelings preventing any hope of sleep at 2:00 A.M. I have an exam in 8.5 hours… AHH!

Anyway, I finally got something to post. It’s the CP of my Russian Tortoise design. You’ll notice the design basically starts off 3-D, and the final product includes many partial creases (more like straight bends along precreases). I tried my best to make the notation clear, but I need a fresh pair of eyes to try to fold this design and see if it makes sense. Give it a try and post your results and/or critique!

Model: Russian Tortoise
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 10.7cm recycled paper

Good luck!



  1. Welcome back^^

  2. Very nice, I really like this 60° grid stuff. I might get some time to design soon, but it’ll be summer before that happens.

  3. Looks good! I would add in a fold to narrow the tail. Also, IMHO the swivel that forms the neck should go inside the head instead of outside (i.e., mountain instead of valley)

    Here’s my folding of it:

  4. Thanks!! I’m glad it made sense, hah. And yea, I normally sink in the bottom edge of the tail but for some reason didn’t include it in the CP. Maybe I’ll revise it.

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