Posted by: Jeoss | December 20, 2009

almost four months? i’m not good at this…

My bad, once again I’ve failed to update my blog for an extended period of time. But the fact is I haven’t really folded anything until now. Finals got done not too long ago (rocked them! didn’t even study for my genetics final and still aced it, hahaha), and I’ve returned to Spokane for the holiday break. Oh, and did I mention I have a girlfriend now? Long story short we went to high school together but hardly were aware of one another’s existence until we both graduated and met one day in the summer at a mutual friend’s house. She is absolutely wonderful, but that’s a severe understatement.

Oh but right, this is an origami blog. I’m going to make a segue. I folded my girlfriend’s favorite animal for her, which I completed a few days ago, but I’m not going to post things up just yet. I decided to draw the CP and submit it to the Christmas Book on the origami forum, so I’ll make an update on that after January, and hopefully draw up diagrams in the meantime. Fat chance, but that’s my goal.

However, I’ve been doing more folding than that. I found the urge to make a modular piece from unit origami, so I decided to play around with the equilateral triangles/hexagons. I finally came up with something I was happy with after a couple days. I intended to include color change in the units but that was a failed effort, and the way the units work, I couldn’t get any particularly interesting color patterns with different colored units. Hopefully I’ll get around to revising the units or plain make a different unit altogether. Anyway, here it is. I don’t know the name of the geometric shape and I’m too lazy to research it, so someone tell me if they know it, haha.

Model: Modular
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 20 sheets of 7.5cm Japanese Kami

This was a Christmas ornament dedicated to my girlfriend’s generous family. I designed it and folded it in a day, and completed it at around 4:00 am and delivered it at around 4:30 am before they left for their holiday trip, haha.

Model: Modular
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 20 sheets of 19.5cm Gold leaf/black heavy paper I bought in Japan years ago and forgot about. Don’t remember what it’s called anymore, heh.

This is a much larger version, with which I wanted to play around with arranging colors. Because the units are large, it’s a bit restricted in that regard. With a color-changed unit, this would be a much more interesting design, but it’s too late to change anything when you’ve Gorrila-glued the units together…

Oh, by the way I also got a new camera as a very early Christmas present, so my photos from now on should look much better.



  1. Hah, interesting how we finally folded something on the same day after so long… Of course, your first draft was probably from a few days ago.

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