Posted by: Jeoss | August 28, 2009

here’s a first!

I completed the diagrams for my manatee design and would like to thank Jared Needle for looking over it. This is officially my first set of diagrams that I am releasing to the public for free. That being said, I put a lot of time and effort into designing and drawing this diagrams, so I would appreciate if anyone who decides to download them would respect that. Any feedback on the diagrams would be most appreciated, as would links to your finished manatees.

Without further ado, here’s my origami manatee:

Geoff Mayhew’s Free Manatee Diagrams!



  1. Hello! It is excellent work! It very much is pleasant to me. My folding on the pattern.
    Geoff Mayhew.     Lamantin
    If want I will give the reference to your diagramme.
    Forgive for possible errors. I use the electronic translator…
    Creative successes! Pavel.

  2. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it. And please, go ahead and give references!

  3. Very nice, much better than my first few diagrams (the first which was made in MSPaint especially). What program did you use?
    The only problem that I can see is the arrows look too light on step 3 and 4, and I think the finished model could do with some rounded edges.

  4. Thanks for your critique.
    I used Adobe Illustrator CS. It’s nice because you can make brushes for every kind of arrow or double-sided arrow. Just draw a line and apply the brush you want to give it the proper meaning.
    I made the arrows in steps 3 and 4 lighter because I was trying something different, meaning that the arrows were behind the paper (for a mountain-fold). In hind-sight it was kind of strange idea but at the time I thought I’d give some experimental notation a try.
    I also would hope you would round the edges. My last bit of instructions were to round the whole body, but in order to make the text fit in line with the format, I had to leave out instructions to curve the fins and edges.
    I included the last drawing, which has rounder features than the instructions ask, so folders might decide to shape theirs more.

  5. I made this model too. the diagrams were really simple and easy to follow. Personally I added two more crimps on the head, and also on he arms to shape.

  6. Great diagramming, easy to read and understand. Great Job!

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