Posted by: Jeoss | April 3, 2009

nothing new, just a revision.

So I kind of underestimated how busy I was going to be last quarter and ended up not having any time for any folding or designing. But this quarter seems less stressful, and hopefully I’ll find some inspiration to come up with something new.

Anyway, during my spring break in Spokane I visited the art supply and spent about $20 on unryu papers. They had some pretty cool stuff, and unryu in earth tones in particular. Upon returning to Bellingham I made some sandwich paper with my tortoise design in mind, because I had some ideas for changes but it turned out that folding it with anything excluding foil in its makeup is destined for a hefty disappointment.

So here it is, with a more realistic number of spurs on its forelegs, as well as a sort of beak. Unfortunately I decided to take these pictures with poor lighting so the color’s a bit skewed and the photos showing beak and lower jaw I made came out miserably. There will be some better pictures later, hopefully.

Model: Sulcata Tortoise v.2
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 43cm unryu/foil/tissue sandwich paper

Photos of the first base completed (spurs and scutes):

And after the second base, the completed design:

I have kind of text guide to get me through the first base without making any extraneous creases, and could possibly make a guide to folding the whole thing, but the second base makes a lot more sense with a CP or photoguide. Someday, maybe, I’ll share this design with people who don’t want to figure out the first base by CP alone (I know I wouldn’t want to).



  1. Nice! I like the paper you used, and the result is great.

  2. Thanks. It’s still not ‘the perfect paper’, but its definitely closer to what I want.

  3. beautiful! I am appreciative for the photos (from an old biology teacher at the beach who thinks dolphins are ahead of us on the evolutionary ladder) thanks!

  4. I don’t believe in the idea of an ‘evolutionary ladder’, but I think you could make a good argument for that, haha. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Yeha! nice turtle. Where can i found CP or diagram for this?

  6. Thanks! You found this site through the Russian Origami Forum, right? I was meaning to answer the questions posted there but I did not want to go through translating the registration process.
    I have a CP for an older version at this link, which does not include as many spurs on the legs or a mouth, but if you can figure out this CP, you should be able to figure out what I did for the revised version. Good luck!

  7. Yes i’m from oriart [dot] ru, but found your site from [dot] uk. Thanks for CP! We will try to use it;)

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