Posted by: Jeoss | January 31, 2009

final version?

So after a pretty disappointing week of four exams, the last of which went terribly, I thought I’d turn my focus to making a final or nearly final draft of my hawksbill for the display in the summer. I’ve gotten the hang of methyl-cellulosing treating papers and I did some experimenting. I folded a turtle out of a sheet of MC’d lokta paper and it came out fairly well, but not what I was looking for, so naturally I gave it away. I figure most of my designs fold best out of tissue foil, so I made a piece of tissue, foil, and a light piece of Thai unryu for looks.

Model: Hawksbill Sea Turtle v.2
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from approx. 40cm unryu/foil/tissue sandwich paper

I’m pretty happy with it. Someday I want to replace this unryu paper with a green version of the marbled unryu I used in my armadillo lizard, but I’m afraid it might be a bit too heavy for this design.



  1. dood, this one’s great

  2. Thanks, Champ. I think I’m gonna give it eyes by indenting two points on its head.

  3. Hi, Do you have a published book or is there a way I could pay you for the instructions for the sea turtle (Model: Hawksbill Sea Turtle v.2
    Designer: Geoff Mayhew)…. My son has a project on sea turtles and I would like to fold a couple to go with the project…. This one is the best on the web by far.

  4. Hello Marc,
    Thank you for your compliment! I unfortunately have not spent the time to make step-by-step diagrams, but I do have crease patterns for the first version (the differences are so minor I can’t even remember what they are). You can find them on an older blog post here
    I would suggest you make some thin tissue foil ~45cm a side for this design. I believe it took me about 8 hours to fold, mostly due to all of the precreasing. As one of my oldest designs, it unfortunately does not have a very efficient folding sequence.
    If you need any other assistance, feel free to ask (anything short of drawing diagrams!).

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