Posted by: Jeoss | December 23, 2008

it’s snowing… still.

Well I got my diagrams for the Christmas book done (a day late, but it was fine). I’m afraid there’s a few mistakes but I did my best, heh. I can’t wait to recieve the Christmas book tomorrow!!! What more, my mother ordered me Tanteidan 13 as a present, but it’s kind of unlikely it’ll be here in time. No big deal.

Being home for Christmas break is great and all but not so much when we get pounded with 30+ inches of snow. Crappy snow, the kind you can’t do anything with but curse and spit and shake your fist at. Having been confined indoors, I spent the past week trying to figure out how to make a manatee for a special friend, but I can see why the creature isn’t a popular subject for origami. They have such round bodies with with few blemishes, and it was difficult to design one with as few edges showing as possible. After a couple late nights with nothing but failure I got a draft I was comfortable enough to post up (wait, is he about to actually post a photo? He hasn’t done that in over three months!). It looks cuter when it’s folded smaller but the photography was easier with a bigger model. Here it is:

Model: Manatee v.2
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 35cm colored Japanese foil


Here’s the CP with the direction of creases specified. Have fun with the closed sinks.

This is my first step away from box-pleating, and already I can tell I’m not wasting so much paper. But, because I’m still love to tesselate my designs, I can’t see myself straying too far away from that technique. I’m hoping that experience with and knowledge of both will make my future designs both tesselated and more efficient.


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