Posted by: Jeoss | November 30, 2008

thanks everyone!

I hope everyone’s enjoyed their Thanksgiving! It’s been so relaxing to be back in Spokane, seeing family and friends, and enjoying home cookin’ once again.

And I’ve reached a landmark 10,000 views! Traffic has been steadily improving all year (except for recent due to my lack of activity on the forums…) but nonetheless I really do appreciate everyong for their time and interest.

Well, I wish I could make this post more substantial and relevant but honestly I can’t. The diagramming of my design is going slowly but I’m almost positive I can make the December 15th deadline. If worse comes to worst my CP qualifies as a submission but I feel this task should be easy enough to prevent me from being THAT lazy. Only thing is I’ve got this new week to study for my finals and then one week to finish taking all of them, so lots of my time will be diverted to preparing.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to post pictures of this new design soon after the new year. Then, come February, I’ll post up the CP, but will keep the diagrams exclusive to the Christmas book.

Well seeing how I have to wake up in about five hours just to endure a 7.5 hour drive back to Bellingham, I’d best be getting… some… some… sl….


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