Posted by: Jeoss | November 11, 2008

what, he’s back?

Yea, yea, I’ve waited over two months to get back to those of you who read my blog. (Apparently not too few, I’ve almost hit a landmark 10,000 views! Thanks!)


Bad news is (maybe)… It’s not going to be posted here until February!

Thing is the forum has a Christmas Book by and for designers, so whoever submits a design gets a copy of the whole collection. So those of you who have made a submission will be the first to see it (and maybe to fold it!) It’s a pretty big deal, especially with the great designers frequenting the forum. I figured I better get in on it, since the chances of me getting a new model designed and diagrammed by the end of the year are pretty pathetic. I seriously just finished my ‘reptile’ design thirty minutes ago after folding the same sheet of paper from 10:30 to 2:40, not including all of my failed attempts and preliminary stages.

So I guess I should take this opportunity to encourage anyone reading this to design something and submit to the forums. Here‘s the link where you can get more info. Level of difficulty doesn’t matter! Even CPs are ok!

Well, we’ll see when I get back to write something else. Maybe after I finisish diagramming. Starting is a problem in itself, hah.


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