Posted by: Jeoss | September 4, 2008

new project in progress.

I forgot to mention that over the past few days I’ve been working on a new project. I’ve been searching for a new subject since the time I designed my sulcata tortoise and it’s taken forever for me to find a new one. I visited a pet store in town to see if I could get some inspiration but not much luck there. Google image searches finally came up with something that caught my eye.

However, I don’t want to say what is it that I’m designing… yet. All I’m gonna say it’s not a turtle or tortoise but it’s still a reptile. I’m still hooked with the patterns and shapes they commonly exhibit. After a couple sessions of folding, playing with different ideas that ultimately turned into something insectoid or nautilus-liked, I finally made a couple breakthrough. I’m gonna say it’s still gonna be another few weeks before I get a presentable version out, especially with school starting again soon.
Again, gotta make more tissue foil for the final thing, and possibly play with new materials once I move back to Bellingham.

I’ve really got to get crackin’ on designing things becuase, in an effort to motivate me (which I’m not going to argue with), my mom reserved one of the nearby libraries’ display cases at their entrance in which I can show my work. Though I have a lot of folded work to show, I only have two of my own pieces (the hawksbill and sulcata). I don’t want to just show dominantly other people’s work so I have until July to expand my portfolio. Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck and glad you found your motivation!

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