Posted by: Jeoss | July 7, 2008

yea, i’m overdue…

As anyone would expect. Since I’ve got back from school I’ve been busy with a couple things:

— Painting my house the old-fashioned way, without pay, under the thumb of my mother. This also involves waking up at five every morning.
— Because I’m not getting paid for the housepainting and I don’t have a real job, I’ve been oddjobbing it this summer, yet again. Lots of yardwork, which is actually paying pretty well for $10/hour.
— I’ve found it hard to get motivated to finish my projects, because 1) I’m feeling lazy and 2) I’m sapped from yardwork and painting.
— And as of this morning I’ve had my wisdom teeth out so I’m on hydros, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Hard to focus on folding when the pain and hyrdos lull you to sleep.

Good news is Art Camp 2008 will start a week from today. I’ll be teaching origami and helping with the instruction of various art projects for three groups of kids over three weeks. Since the school is at my friend’s house who lives out a ways, I’ll be spending every weeknight camped out there, which also conventiently frees me from my painting and yardwork responsibilities. By then my jaw should feel fine as well, so I plan on COMPLETING at least one of my projects.

I’ll probably take pictures of my progress as well as what’s going on in the art camp so maybe I’ll be upadating stuff on weekends since the camp has a dail-up connection…



  1. So will you be working on the turtle that you were working on before? I’d be super excited to see it once your done! I love turtles! Actually, I love most sea life. Anyways, this is boilerscuba from the origami forum, so you don’ think this is some super random person commenting on your blog. :) mmm, and I might add you on facebook.. just so you know!

  2. Hah, yea, my sulcata tortoise is my top priority as of now, but I also want to streamline the folding sequence and eliminate most of the extraneous creases on my hawksbill design as well, but that might be a tall order. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of timet the next few weeks bring. I’m waiting for a shipment of some larger Japanese foil, which will make my work a lot easier, but when it will come, I don’t know…..

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