Posted by: Jeoss | May 22, 2008

wow, it’s actually almost done.

Well, somehow in the past week I’ve actually found ample time with which do some designing. Then again I haven’t been playing FF6 for the past week so that must be it.

Anyway, here’s the pattern I’ve pretty much finalized for my sulcata’s shell. This one is based off of a 32×32 grid, but I’m pretty sure the final product will be based off of a 52×52 grid (ugh, I tried 48ths but now I think it’ll be best if its in 52, which means 13ths in quarters…shit).

There’s marginal scutes too but they’re not very noticable on a 5cm long model, photographed in terrible light, at a poor angle, with the camera sandwhiched between my right hand and my head to keep it still enough to work without flash. My bad. My bad…

Check back here in the next month and I SHOULD have it done, or at least a very near final draft.


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