Posted by: Jeoss | February 24, 2008

the title says it all.

Yea, so I’ve been busy. Haven’t been able to fold much other than a few of Lang’s Orchid Blossoms from Origami Design Secrets. A fun model but doesn’t satisfy my craving to work on my own design (sulcata tortoise hatchling?). I’ve got two midterms this week so hopefully I can find some time later this week to do something… And finals are coming up soon so I don’t have much of a gap of free time… Oh well, such is life. 

But thanks to those that have regularly visited my page. Hopefully I can make some photodiagrams for my hawksbill, since it seems to be the most popular post (except for the ones with Bahamut and Ancient Dragon thanks to people trying to find scanned diagrams… damn you).


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