Posted by: Jeoss | February 5, 2008

holy crap, i’m drenched.

This last month was pretty depressing. Solely because every time I opened my mailbox I’d have flyers and useless whatnots. Finally! Yesterday I got Origami for Interpreters and I must say I’m extremely happy with it and it was well worth the wait. There’s nothing like adding a pristine hardback book with the rest of my collection. I ended up folding his crane late into the night, partially because I couldn’t restrain myself, partly because I was folding it for a friend. Anyway, check this space for my attempt at his Tancho Zuru CP.

Model: Crane
Designer: Roman Diaz (
Folded from diagram, Origami for Interpreters
24cm Kami

Kami worked well, though, obviously, the toes look a bit monstrous. After quadrupling the area of the paper and making it out of tissue foil, this problem should be wholly eliminated. But wait… I need to make more paper first…


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