Posted by: Jeoss | January 20, 2008

it’s really windy outside today.

So I folded my hawksbill sea turtle out of tissue foil and it didn’t look right… I was kind of disappointed actually. I decided I’d start over. AGAIN. I instead made the turtle base on a 12×12 grid opposed to an 8×8, which let me make the shell look wider than the head, appropriately. This also let me get a longer neck and skinnier flippers. Again, I work from two bases, one that gives me the pattern for the shell, and the second giving the limbs and whatnot. Also, nlike my old model, the grid lines that are used during the tessellation’s base fit those for the second base as well. I decided to make the shell wider than before, but I decided it’s a little too wide now, and I’ll probably make another one with that revision.

Model: Hawksbill Sea Turtle v2.0
Designer: Geoff Mayhew
Folded from 43cm Tissue Foil

Here is the first base.

As it turns out drawing the cp with both bases included is possible but a huge pain in the ass. I’ll post up both CP’s soon… when I get around to it…



  1. Congratulations, this looks great! The shell pattern is really appealing.

  2. Thanks a bunch. I think I’m keeping the shell wide… it makes it much more of a pain to fold but it looks more realistic this way, I think.

    If anyone needs help or clarification with the CPs, just ask me!

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