Posted by: Jeoss | January 20, 2008

it seems I have nothing better to do over a three day weekend…

But here’s are the two CPs for my Hawksbill Sea Turtle v2.0, with the skinnier shell. I figured I’d make them in Oripa to make sure they collapsed right, and to give the fold orientations too. They’re kind of complex to collapse though, but don’t expect me to draw diagrams too. I’d have to be REALLY bored… which just might happen too.

Here is base #1. It’s on a 56×56 grid, but don’t grid every line! You won’t need them! There will always be some extraneous creases, but it’s not hard to minimize their existence. And when you’re making the grid, start in 7ths (use a ruler, don’t be a hero), then split into eights.

And here is base #2. After you collapse base #1, you’ll have a 36×36 grid, which translates easy into this 12×12 base. I recommend figuring out this base first on a separate sheet so you don’t waste the first few hours getting the first base done.

I’ve switched to now just because when I post on the forums, my pics are obnoxiously big, and I don’t want to have to upload on two different image hosters…



  1. here’s another Amazing SiteWow, Nicely Done

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