Posted by: Jeoss | January 13, 2008

take two…

Here’s one of my favorites. A clean folding sequence (once you figure out how to do the wings just right) and looks great after shaping.

Model: Diving Dragon (a.k.a. Bahamut) (1997)
Designer: Satoshi Kamiya (
Folded from diagram, Works of Satoshi Kamiya 1995-2003
42cm Tissue Foil

I hope Kamiya includes more dragons in his next book, whenever it comes. They seem to be his specialty…



  1. where can i find the bahamat instructions ive been trying to find them for so long

    plz tell me

  2. 1) Fly to the Origami House in Japan and buy it from Kamiya himself, just like I did.
    2) Order it online:

    Don’t bother trying to find instructions for free.

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