Posted by: Jeoss | January 1, 2008

Turtle Base 8×8

So a few months ago I was designing a leopard tortoise and it wasn’t half bad but there were some critical inconveniences in its design, so I got discouraged and made in the king of my pile of unfinished works. I then started working on a hawksbill sea turtle shell, which I would later incorporate into an entire turtle. But yea, that project was quickly forgotten as well.

Anyway, I was encouraged to get back to work on those boys so I figured I’d make a box-pleated base to work out how I’d use my paper. I’d first use make the pattern for the shell, then fold the rest using my base as a guideline. So, working with an 8×8 grid, I came up with a fairly efficient and proportionately accurate base. I also have a 10×10 version, but I’ve gotta work out some kinks in the CP.

This was made with the program “Oripa”, but since it doesn’t save anything in a type of file my macbook reads, I have to take screenshots. It works out nicely in the end.



  1. I quite like this 8×8 base, it folds nice and easy with your CP – thanks !

    Would you comment on HOW one comes up with such a base ? Where does one start ?

  2. You’re very welcome! This base employs just simple ‘box-pleating’. I wouldn’t have come up with any of these designs if it weren’t for the great origami forum and their help with box-pleating and crease patterns.
    All you have to do is keep in mind that the longer you want your flaps or ‘limbs’, the more paper you’re going to be required. Grid up some paper and think of an animal and start trying it out! Need any more help? Check out the forum’s search function.

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