Posted by: Jeoss | December 13, 2007

Finally. Finally. Finally.

Finally finals are done. You know what that means. I’m spending my next three weeks folding and socializing. As for last night and today, I completed a project that 1) I was too afraid and busy to start before and 2) made me even more convinced Hideo Komtasu isn’t actually a human being. So here it is.

Model: Lion (2002)
Designer: Hideo Komatsu (
Folded from (CP)
24cm Kami

I’ve gotta make some more tissue foil once I get back to Spokane. First thing on my “to fold list” is a cleaner Lion.

origami, hideo, komatsu, lion, jeoss, paper



  1. Nice Kami Lion. With about 5 min of shaping, I think it would look like this:

  2. Thanks. I dunno if I could do that with kami, but hopefully I was succesful with the tissue foil.

  3. hello, as these? please you prune me to send the it paginates 188 and 189 in JPG. of the book Works of Satoshi Kamiya. my mail – – thank you – kisses

  4. Could you make a video showing you fold it? Thanks.

  5. Eh… I might have considered it in the past but there’s a few things that are going to unfortunately steer my answer as ‘sorry, no’. One, I just don’t have a lot of time at all, especially because of school and I’m kind of pressured to design my own works right now. And two, I kind of want to leave Hideo Komatsu’s work as CPs, because through a video, you just can’t appreciate how unique his style is. It really is kind of fascinating. I hope you understand. If there is anything specific you would like help on, just ask and I’ll try to give you a quick reply!
    – Geoff

  6. dudeee, im complety lost as i started to fold the CP
    i dont even know where to begin!
    can u post some tips? pleeeaseee

  7. I sent you an e-mail with some help.

  8. how to make that

  9. how to make it plz help me

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